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About CDG:

Clean Diesel Group (CDG)

Clean Diesel Group is a company specializing in all manner of diesel emissions retrofit kits and retrofit replacement parts. We also handle repair/service, customer support, and warranty issues for retrofit products from what was formerly known as Donaldson Retrofit Emissions. Clean Diesel Group is now officially a division of Diesel Emissions Service (DES).

We have CARB-approved and EPA-certified retrofit parts and kits available for emissions systems including LNF & LXF Mufflers, SEF systems, DOCs, and EDMs. As well as parts and services for Thermal Regenerators and Pulse Cleaning machines originally purchased from Donaldson.

We’ve compiled various retrofit Resources and Retrofit parts information for your reference. We are also available to answer questions via the Contact Us page.


More Aftertreatment Solutions

Designed for the diesel aftertreatment industry:

DPF Cleaning Equipment, Parts, and Service.

DPF Cleaning Machines and complete systems. Thermal and Aqueous options are available.

Made in the USA.

Premium aftertreatment OEM replacement parts.

REP carries a complete product line covering DPFs, DOCs, bungs, gaskets, clamps, sensors, and more.

West coast experts in DFP Cleaning and diesel retrofits with locations in CA, OR, and Vancouver BC. DES also specializes in aftertreatment repair, diagnostics, parts, and other truck services.