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Retrofit Parts

Parts lists & emission system information

Retrofit Parts

LNF & LXF Mufflers

LNF and LXF Mufflers are passive, catalyzed Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) designed to reduce Particulate Matter (PM) emissions from in-use diesel engines. These retrofit solutions reduce diesel particulate matter by over 85%, & are effective at reducing carbon monoxide & hydrocarbon emissions.

LNF/LXF Muffler Kit Parts List:

DPF Replacement Sections &
V-Band Clamps:

DPF Replacement Section*

*for warranty replacement only

DPF Spare Section*

*for swapping purposes only


Replacement DPF Tags:
  • LNF Muffler – X009646
  • LXF Muffler – X009975
LNF/LXF Muffler Kit Contents (including Duals):

(1) LNF or LXF Muffler Assembly
(1) Emissions Device Monitor (EDM) with installation and operation manual.
(1) Documentation package that includes:

  • The owner’s manual
  • LNF and LXF Muffler Warranty
  • A warranty registration worksheet
  • Diesel Emissions Control Strategy (DECS) engine tag (ARB requirement)

Just looking for the manual? Visit the RESOURCES page.

Retrofit Parts

SEF Muffler System

Semi-Active Electric Filter (SEF) Muffler Systems are designed to reduce emissions from in-use diesel engines. Besides reducing diesel particulate matter (PM) emissions by over 90%, SEF Mufflers are also effective at reducing hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions.

SEF Muffler System Service Parts List:

DPF Regeneration Station:
  • 25 ft. Regeneration Cable  – P232342
  • Instrument Cluster Lights/Switch Kit – P232343
  • Temperature Controller – P232344
  • Circuit Breaker and Mounting Base – P232345
  • Air Manifold Assembly – P232346
  • Fuses, 5-Pack – P232347
  • Contactor – P232348
  • Din-A-Mite Controller – P232349
  • Relay – P232350
SEF Muffler:
  • DOC Assembly – P236847
  • Thermal Wrap – P232189
  • V-band Clamp – P212925
  • Heater Thermocouple – P232577
  • DPF Assembly <275 hp (Spare)* – X011318
  • DPF Assembly >275 hp (Spare)* – X011317
    • * See rules of Swapping and Redesignation in SEF
      Owner’s Manual P232575
Technician Service Tools:
  • Diagnostic Reset Tool (DRT) – P231740
  • EDM Service Tool Software + link-up cable – X007999
  • EDM Service Tool Software + link-up cable + DRT – X009649


SEF Muffler Systems contain the following items:
SEF Muffler Kit:
  • SEF Muffler
  • Junction Box
  • Emissions Device Monitor (EDM)
  • Serialized Muffler and Engine Tags
DPF Regeneration Station:
  • Automated Control Panel
  • Regeneration Cables

Just looking for the manual? Visit the RESOURCES page.

Retrofit Parts

DOC Mufflers

DOC Mufflers are designed to reduce harmful emissions from in-use diesel engines. Besides reducing diesel particulate matter emissions by 15-30%, diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC’s) mufflers are also effective at reducing hydrocarbon emissions.

DOC Muffler kits:

Note: to find a specific DOC replacement contact technical support: or call 866-817-8733


(1) DOC Muffler
(1) Documentation package that includes:

  • This owner’s manual
  • A warranty registration card
  • Warranty statement
  • Engine tag.

Just looking for the manual? Visit the RESOURCES page.

Retrofit Parts

Gen2 DPF Pulse Cleaner

The Gen2 DPF Pulse Cleaner removes accumulated ash and particulate matter using a high-velocity, low-pressure air pulse. It provides vehicle maintenance facilities with an enclosed, automated unit that quickly and efficiently pulse cleans filters.

Pulse Cleaner Spare Parts List:

Pulse Cleaner Spare Parts List

More information available in the manual.

Just looking for the manual? Visit the RESOURCES page.

Retrofit Parts

DPF Thermal Regenerator

The DPF Thermal Regenerator unit is the 2nd stage of the DPF Cleaning System – designed to remove hydrocarbons & unburned particulate matter within the filter channels. It features an enclosed, automated cabinet that burns diesel particulate matter (PM) on a highly loaded (or plugged) DPF.

Spare Parts List:

  • Ash Collection Drum and Clamp – part#: P228053
  • Heater Assembly – part#: P230184
  • Door Switch – part#: P228028
  • Door Lock Solenoid – part#: P228073
  • Cabinet Temperature Switch – part#: P228067
  • Photoelectric Sensor – part#: P228068
  • Ventilation Fan* – part#: P228065 (* Unit has two fans the part number list is for one)
  • Thermal Wrap – part#: P230194
  • Compressed Air Pressure Switch – part#: P228062
  • Compressed Air Solenoid Valve – part#: P228071
  • Fuse Kit P225336 – part#: P225336

Just looking for the manual? Visit the RESOURCES page.

Retrofit Parts

EGT Data Logger

An Exhaust Temperature Data Logger is a device used to record the exhaust temperature during engine operation. In general, the data logging tool records several days of information to provide a required data sample size by State or Federal regulations.

Data Logger Contents:

Part Number: X010839

  • 1/8” NPT Half Coupling. Part #: P226616
  • 1/8” NPT Compression Fitting. Part #: P227812
  • Thermocouple. Part #: P228220

Other items needed for data logging:

  • Computer with Microsoft Windows operating system (2003 or
    newer required)
  • Software: software available from web at
  • PC interface cable: Item X007948 linkup tool
  • Clean Diesel Group Profile Form obtained by emailing
  • Clean Diesel Group Preassessment form (F114050)
  • Band clamp
    • Pipe Outer Diameter: 3.0″ – Part #: J000200
    • Pipe Outer Diameter: 3.5″ – Part #: J000201
    • Pipe Outer Diameter: 4.0″ – Part #: J000202
  • Zip ties
  • Anti-Seize
  • Replacement battery: 3.6 Volt, Lithium Battery, 350 mAH (available
    from, P/N: LTC-7PN)

Just looking for the manual? Visit the RESOURCES page.

Retrofit Parts

Back Pressure Monitor (BPM)

Back Pressure Monitor (BPM) detects excessive engine backpressure created by the flow restriction of an overloaded emissions control device, such as a diesel particulate filter (DPF). When excessive backpressure is detected, steady and flashing visual warning lights communicate the diesel particulate status to the vehicle operator.

Back Pressure Monitor (BPM) Kit Part Lists:

Back Pressure Installation Kit (P227481)
*Pressure transducer NOT included

Back Pressure Monitor (BPM) P227482
*Pressure transducer included

Computer application and PC cable (Kit#: X007999) is also required (sold separately).

Just looking for the manual? Visit the RESOURCES page.

Retrofit Parts

Emissions Device Monitor (EDM)

An Emissions Device Monitor (EDM) is included with DPF muffler kits. This monitor is key to the proper operation, service, & maintenance & helps you understand how the unit is performing. The EDM will store & analyze operating information in the memory module to allow maintenance technicians to monitor filter operation & troubleshoot fault conditions.

EDM Kit Parts List:

EDM Kit Contents

For more details and information on Optional Parts and Technician Service tools (sold separately), see the wiring and parts diagram below (click to view larger):






Just looking for the manual? Visit the RESOURCES page.

Replacement Parts

Available from these authorized locations:

West Coast – Northern CA

Diesel Emissions Service

17011 Clear Creek Rd
Redding, CA 96001
Telephone: 888-792-2922

Pacific Northwest – Portland, OR

Diesel Emissions Service

9861 North Vancouver Way
Portland, OR 97217
Telephone: 844-556-3150

East Coast – New England

Mondail Automotive

11414 14th Rd, College Point, NY 11356
Telephone: 888-312-3327

East Coast

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